Attendance at St Joseph’s

Follow this link to our latest Attendance policy: ATTENDANCE POLICY 2018

These recent policy additions reflecting changes to the definitions for persistent absence, the use of Fixed penalty notices and holiday during term time will be added to the policy at the next review date :


Attendance Booklet


Our latest Attendance figures :

2011/12 : OVERALL – 92.4%        2012/13 : OVERALL – 91.9%

2013/14 : OVERALL – 93.8%       2014/15 : OVERALL – 94.7%

2015/16 : OVERALL – 94.1% 2016/17 : OVERALL – 93.9%


e-safety and the threat of cyber bullying at St Joseph’s

In February 2017 as part of Cyber safety week we had a visit from Nottinghamshire Life Education – Cyberwise. Workshops were held in years 4, 5 and 6. A parent session was also held advising parents how to keep their children safe online. This link gives a number of websites parents can use to support them in this area.

Staff at the school are ready to support any Parent / Guardian or Child who has concerns in this area.

Further information you may find useful can be found at and

Rules and guidance which we use at school and is equally relevant at home:

KS1 e safety

KS2 E safety

Responsible Internet Use Statement 2017 responsible internet use
Please see links below to our  e-safety policy and acceptable internet use policy.


acceptable internet use policy 2016

Please also see our policies on child protection,  behaviour management and anti bullying.